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About Us


R&W Is a full international trade consulting service provider located in Maryland, USA. We help companies engaging in or planning to engage in cross border commerce between the US and Asia (with a strong focus between the US and S.Korea) by providing the most effective and efficient market entry advisory service. 


US Companies Looking to Expand into Asia & Asian Companies Looking to Expand into the US


When you want to expand your services and products in foreign markets, where do you start and how do you enter and further grow? Knowing countries have different languages, cultures, business and political environments, which country would have the potential for your services and products, and why? How do consumers (B2C, B2B, B2G, B2I) in those markets behave differently and how should your marketing and sales strategies differ? How do you set up your business entity and develop distribution channels?


With extensive business networks, connections and comprehensive knowledge of each market, R&W assists companies to overcome unique challenges they face in conducting cross border commerce. R&W listens and delivers the most efficient and effective strategy for its clients’ success.

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